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Best Sur La Table Old Orchard is a premium kitchenware retailer located in Skokie, Illinois. This store offers cooking classes alongside high-quality culinary tools.

Located in the popular Old Orchard Shopping Centre, Best Sur La Table provides a haven for cooking enthusiasts and foodies alike. Whether you need professional-grade kitchen equipment or unique gadgets or are looking to improve your culinary skills through hands-on classes, Best Sur La Table Old Orchard has something to offer.

With an array of products from top brands, shoppers can find everything for their kitchen and dining needs—from bakeware and cutlery to small appliances and tableware. Not only does this destination promise a superior shopping experience, but it also cultivates a community of passionate home cooks through its engaging workshops.

best Sur La Table

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The Culinary Heart Of Best Sur La Table Old Orchard

The culinary heart of Old Orchard is the essence of flavour and festivity. Here, food aficionados find bliss at Best Sur La Table. Nestled within a vibrant shopping landscape, it stands as an emblem of gourmet promise. Those with a palate for exceptional cookware and culinary education embark on their journey here.

Best Sur La Table: A Gourmet’s Destination

Enter the realm of sleek skillets, sharp knives, and shiny bakeware. Best Sur La Table beckons both seasoned chefs and eager novices. It transcends being just a store; it offers a unique and immersive experience.
Explore the following highlights:

  • Premium Cookware: top-tier brands, enduring materials.
  • Exclusive Kitchen Gadgets: Unique tools for every task.
  • Expert-led Classes: Master new dishes and techniques.
  • Taste Tests: Savour samples and discover favourites.

The Old Orchard Shopping Experience

A trip to Old Orchard satisfies more than your shopping needs. It’s a sensory encounter. The following aspects will make your visit memorable:

  1. Dynamic Atmosphere: Vibrant, welcoming, and full of life.
  2. Assortment of Stores: Fashion, tech, and home decor mingle.
  3. Family-Friendly Events: Entertainment for all ages.
  4. Delightful Diners: Cafes and restaurants galore.
best Sur La Table


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A Slice Of Sur La Table’s History

Best Sur La Table represents a story of passion for cooking and love for sharing it.

From Humble Beginnings To a Culinary Cornerstone

The inaugural Sur La Table business was established in Seattle’s Pike Place Market in 1972. Shirley Collins, a culinary enthusiast, founded the brand. She aimed to supply professional-grade cookware to the public. This idea blossomed into a go-to haven for home chefs. Best Sur La Table began as a single storefront. Its shelves are brimming with high-quality kitchenware.

Over the years, Sur La Table has evolved into a culinary cornerstone. It’s trusted by cooks of all skill levels. The brand stands for superb quality and a zealous culinary spirit.

Expansion Into Old Orchard

The journey of expansion led Best Sur La Table to Old Orchard in 1995. The Old Orchard location opened its doors to become a cooking and dining paradise. Here’s what this expansion brought to the table:

  • The vast array of products, from cutting-edge appliances to timeless cookware,.
  • Hands-on cooking classes are facilitated by seasoned chefs.
  • Insightful staff: offering expertise and friendly advice.

This new outlet has not just expanded Sur La Table’s reach. It deepened the connection with its clientele. Old Orchard became a bustling spot for food lovers to explore, learn, and shop.

Inside Sur La Table’s Offerings

Welcome to Best Sur La Table Old Orchard, a paradise for anyone who loves to cook. Discover a world filled with top-notch culinary gadgets and the finest gourmet cookware. Their offerings extend far beyond mere products. Explore exclusive cooking classes designed for all skill levels and unique events that celebrate the art of cooking. Let’s venture inside Best Sur La Table’s exceptional offerings.

Culinary Gadgets And Gourmet Cookware

  • Kitchen Tools: ergonomic peelers, adjustable measuring cups, and more.
  • Appliances: high-performance blenders, smart ovens, tasteful toasters.
  • Cookware: non-stick pans, durable pots, induction-ready sets.
  • Knives: sharp chefs’ choices, colourful pairing sets, and professional sharpeners.

Browse shelves with the latest innovative kitchen gadgets. Test gadgets that make cooking fun. Feel the heft of premium cookware in your hands. Understand why these tools are beloved by pros.

Exclusive Cooking Classes And Events

Class Type Level Description
Essentials Beginner Foundational skills in a fun setting.
Mastering Techniques Intermediate Specialised skills in gourmet dishes.
Date Night All Levels Cook a meal to remember with a loved one.

Join a class and learn from experienced chefs. Create memorable meals and master new skills. Enjoy events where food becomes an exciting adventure. From seasonal cooking to baking basics, Best Sur La Table makes every lesson special.

The Flavour Of The Community

Sur La Table Old Orchard stands as a beacon for food lovers.

It’s not just a store; it’s a melting pot of tastes and traditions.

It’s where culinary dreams come alive, feeding the appetite of the neighbourhood.

Local Food Enthusiasts Gather

Every week, kitchen aficionados and gourmets unite at Best Sur La Table Old Orchard.

  • Cooking classes for all ages
  • Live demonstrations
  • Exciting taste tests

It’s a space where family recipes find new fans and food trends make waves.

Supporting Sustainability And Artists

Sustainability sits at Sur La Table’s core.

Every purchase supports local farms and craftsmen.

Eco-friendly products grace the shelves:

Product Type Material Source
Cookware Recycled Local Artisans
Utensils Bamboo Organic Farms
Tableware Ceramic Small-scale Artists

Sur La Table Old Orchard is more than a store—it’s the heart of the community.

Navigating The Aisles

Embark on a culinary adventure as you manoeuvre through Sur La Table at Old Orchard. Every aisle brims with culinary treasures and gadgets that promise to elevate your cooking experience.

Tips For Shopping At Sur La Table

Maximise your time and find exactly what you need with ease. Use these handy tips:

  • Review the store layout before visiting to know where to find each item.
  • Check online for current deals to save on your favourite kitchenware brands.
  • Sign up for the newsletter for exclusive offers and event invites.
  • Ask staff for help, as they know the ins and outs of the store.

Making The Most Of Your Visit

Turn your trip into a rewarding experience.

  1. Join a cooking class for a hands-on learning experience.
  2. Sample products during live demonstrations.
  3. Use the registry service for easy wedding or gift planning.
  4. Create a wish list of tools and gadgets for future visits.
best Sur La Table


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Future Of Sur La Table In Old Orchard

The future of Sur La Table in Old Orchard shines with potential as enthusiasts and casual chefs alike eagerly anticipate the latest evolutions. In the realm of culinary retail, staying ahead means embracing change and harnessing the power of community and technology.

Upcoming Trends In Culinary Retail

Sur La Table in Old Orchard stands on the cutting edge, ready to introduce and infuse fresh trends. Here’s what’s cooking:

  • Interactive Experiences: In-store cooking classes will evolve, focusing on interactivity and personalisation.
  • Tech-Forward Tools: Smart kitchen gadgets that sync with apps for a seamless cooking journey will gain prominence on shelves.
  • Sustainability: Eco-friendly products will become the norm as Sur La Table leads in offering green solutions for the kitchen.

Community Expectations And Expansion Plans

The community’s voice echoes within the walls of Sur La Table, guiding its expansion plans.

Community Expectation Sur La Table Response
More Local Flavours Curated selections of locally sourced ingredients
Accessible Classes Expanded class offerings for all ages and skill levels
Community Spaces Spaces for foodies to connect and collaborate

Frequently Asked Questions For Sur La Table Old Orchard


What is Sur La Table known for?


Sur La Table is renowned for selling high-quality cookware, kitchen gadgets, and cooking classes. The brand offers a variety of kitchen essentials for home chefs and culinary enthusiasts.


What Happened to Sur La Table?


Sur La Table filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in July 2020. The company closed several stores but continues to operate online and in various locations.


Do You Get to Eat the Food You Make at Sur La Table?


Yes, participants in Sur La Table cooking classes enjoy the dishes they prepare during the session.


Does Sur La Table match prices?


Sur La Table does not currently offer price matching with competitors.




Exploring Sur La Table at Old Orchard offers an enriching experience for cooking enthusiasts and foodies alike. With high-quality cookware and expert-led classes, it’s a culinary treasure trove. Visit for the gadgets, stay for the community, and ignite a passion for exceptional home cooking that lasts a lifetime.

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